Tallapoosa Catastrophic Injury Lawyer

After a calamitous accident, you may require a Tallapoosa Catastrophic Injury Lawyer to fight for reasonable restitution. We can help you get the compensation you need to cover medical expenses and time off of work.

Why Would You Require a Tallapoosa Catastrophic Injury Lawyer?


Life-altering events that cause psychological disorders and disfigurements may require you to seek the counsel of a Tallapoosa Catastrophic Injury Lawyer. Serious motor vehicle accidents, pedestrian accidents, boat accidents, extreme sports accidents, an attack of one person by another or his or her pet, or being involved in a fire or explosion are examples of things that result in catastrophic injuries.

Most attorneys who specialize in catastrophic injuries know that these injuries come with financial obligations, challenges, and the need for long-term health care. It is imperative to consult with an experienced, skilled catastrophic injury attorney from Rego Law Firm to begin receiving compensation for loss, injury, and damages soon.

Obtaining Compensation for Catastrophic Injuries


If you have suffered from catastrophic injuries, the compensation you are eligible for during a personal injury case will depend upon the severity of the injury, financial hardships, and how much long-term care will cost. The following personal hardships will be taken into account:

  • Childcare while you heal
  • Equipment for medical purposes
  • Future loss of wages
  • Ongoing care
  • Pain and suffering

Many personal injury lawyers are available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, so you can get the legal advice and help you need no matter what time it is. With the Rego Law Firm and other reputable law firms, you may even schedule a free consultation to discuss the details of your case.

 Issues That May Contribute to Catastrophic Injury Cases

Experienced personal injury attorneys will have handled an array of catastrophic injury cases, such as:

  • Amputations
  • Brain Injuries
  • Damage to Organs
  • Drastic Changes in Personalities
  • Electric Shock
  • Injuries to the Eyes
  • Neurologic Disorders
  • Quadriplegia or Paraplegia
  • Severe Burns
  • Shoulder, Neck, and Back Injuries
  • Spine Injuries
  • Wrongful Death

A personal injury lawyer in Tallapoosa, Georgia also takes on less severe injury cases, like slip and fall accidents or premises liability situations.

Catastrophic Injury Definition


According to 42 USC § 3796b, the definition of catastrophic injury is damage that results in “direct and proximate consequences” that “permanently prevent an individual from performing any gainful work.”

To put it simply, a catastrophic injury was likely caused by physical harm to the spine and/or brain, which can impact the way a person functions. A serious burn can also cause a catastrophic injury case. If you are suffering from a long-term or debilitating injury, you are suffering from a catastrophic injury.

Haralson County Catastrophic Injury Attorney


There are several reasons you may require the assistance of a Haralson County Catastrophic Injury Attorney. You may be entitled to compensation following a catastrophic injury for many reasons. The first depends on how severe the injury is and how many medical expenses you have.

You have a greater chance of getting compensated if you had to have surgeries, go through rehabilitation, use medical devices like a cane or walker, or be on medication long-term. If you cannot work, you might be compensated for your lost wages. Also, you can be compensated if you suffer from emotional damage.

Generally speaking, a catastrophic injury can be one of three injuries:

  • Cognitive
  • Physical
  • Spinal cord

Physical injuries are burns, accidental amputations, organ damage, severe fractures, and orthopedic function or tissue. Spinal cord injuries, mobility, and cognitive injuries are brain injuries that affect the ability to work and form new memories.


Long-Term Effects of Catastrophic Injuries

Every catastrophic injury has a long-term impact on the victim (or survivor) and their whole family. Often, taking care of a person or loved one with mobility or cognitive limitations is emotionally challenging and time-consuming, so much so that the spouse or caregiver may need to quit their job and devote themselves to full-time care.

If the spouse cannot feasibly quit their job, they may choose to look into hiring a caregiver. This is a large expense some families may not be able to afford. A catastrophic injury changes the course of the future for the survivor, so they may need time to adjust to their new normal.

A Catastrophic Accident Attorney Pursues a Range of Claims


If a person is the victim of a catastrophic injury due to another person’s negligence, an intentional malicious act, or a dangerous or defective product, you can file a personal injury claim. This will determine your future quality of life including the medical care they receive. Since a claim has such huge financial implications, it must be determined how valuable the claim is.

Catastrophic injuries can be caused by a number of things, but almost all of them involve negligence by another person. Injuries are often caused by:

  • Car accident, Motorcycle accident, and Truck accident – Drivers who are distracted or impaired by drugs or alcohol often result in catastrophic injuries and may involve speeding or minimum use of brakes before impact.
  • Pedestrian accidents – When a motor vehicle – whether it be a car, truck, SUV, or van – collides with a person, the person often suffers as they are no match for something that weighs tons
  • Medical malpractice – People typically trust doctors, nurses, and other providers to give good, competent care. However, some may act in a careless manner or perform a procedure or surgery too quickly. Most of the time, catastrophic injury occurs when surgery is performed on the wrong patient or body part or they leave a medical device in the patient.
  • Slip and fall accidents – Property owners usually are responsible for keeping visitors to the property safe from harm. When they do not make proper repairs, hazards can lead to a catastrophic injury.
  • Work-related accidents – Many catastrophic injuries occur in the workplace, especially when employees are nearly crushed by heavy equipment, a person becomes amputated by machinery while doing his or her job, or a heavy object falls on the worker.

Legislation in many states have imposed caps on “non-economic” damage and the caps are quite low – surely not enough to be considered adequate compensation. A catastrophic injury attorney can help recover compensation for the damages the victim and their loved ones have experienced like loss of enjoyment of life, lost wages, pain, and suffering, mental anguish, medical bills, long-term or permanent disability, or wrongful death.

Hire a Catastrophic Injury Law Firm


A catastrophic injury law firm will help obtain compensation for a long-term illness that began suddenly with no warning and left the victim suffering from permanent disability for the rest of his or her life. Moreover, the injuries have long-term effects on the victim. Catastrophic injuries can be stressful for the victim’s family because they may need constant care and supervision and restitution for a lifetime of medical bills and rehabilitation.


Hire a Tallapoosa Catastrophic Injury Lawyer

If you want to prove you are the victim of a catastrophic injury, you must be able to show a Tallapoosa Catastrophic Injury Lawyer that another person’s negligence directly caused the injury. This can be proven if you can show the other person had a duty of care that was breached, and you suffered because of it. You will need to show your medical records and any paper related to your case (i.e. doctors’ notes, testimonies, etc.) to prove the accident completely altered your way of life and how you will make a living in the future.

For legal assistance and guidance in this challenging time, find a reputable attorney serving Tallapoosa, GA who has experience in personal injury cases. At the Rego Law Firm, we can help you manage whatever situation you’re facing. Contact us for a free consultation.

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