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Medical malpractice misdiagnosis is an all too common problem in Georgia and elsewhere. If a misdiagnosis has caused you harm, we may be able to help.

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When we go to see a doctor about an ailment, we trust that their years of training and expertise will help them identify, diagnose, and treat our issue. Healthcare professionals are expected to adhere to a high standard of care to ensure that patients are healthy.

If they fail to meet the standard of care and the result is a missed or incorrect diagnosis, the result can be devastating or even fatal to the patient. Individuals who have been affected by misdiagnosis have the right to seek compensation for losses or damages. With the help of Nicholas J. Rego of Rego Law Firm, patients who have been subject to misdiagnosis may pursue damages for medical expenses, lost wages, funeral costs, or pain and suffering.

Medical Malpractice Misdiagnosis Georgia Lawyer

What is Required for a Georgia Medical Malpractice Claim?


It is challenging to prove that a doctor did not make a timely, accurate diagnosis of your ailment. A simple mistake is not enough to claim medical malpractice misdiagnosis. Patients must show that the doctor failed to meet the appropriate standard of care. This refers to what a reasonable doctor with similar training would do in that situation. If your doctor breached that standard, you may be able to receive compensation.

A delay or error in diagnosis must result in injury or other damage to be eligible for compensation. In the case of a delayed heart disease diagnosis, for example, your attorney may argue that the physician’s failure to diagnose the condition early on resulted in a heart attack.

Factors that may strengthen a case are:

  • Concerns brought to your doctor with no follow-up
  • Failure to promptly refer the patient to an appropriate specialist
  • Repeat visits for the same concern and no progress is made

Who Can Be Sued in Medical Misdiagnosis Cases?


Though you may have a valid claim, you may be unsure if you have the foundation for a case. It is always a good idea to speak with an experienced medical misdiagnosis lawyer about any injuries or concerns. Contact us for a free consultation.

You may wonder who is responsible. Typically, a doctor is responsible for patient care. However, multiple parties can be named in a lawsuit. Depending on the details of a case, it may be possible to bring a claim against:

  • A primary care doctor
  • A specialist the patient saw about the concern
  • A radiologist or radiologic technologist
  • A hospital that employs an individual defendant

Statute of Limitations for Misdiagnosis Lawsuit Cases


In Georgia, patients can file a malpractice claim up to two years after the misdiagnosis, not when they became aware of it. This can be challenging because of the statute of limitations. No matter the circumstances, you should speak to an attorney as soon as possible if you believe you have been affected by a medical misdiagnosis. The sooner you begin an attorney-client relationship with a Tallapoosa GA personal injury lawyer and begin building a solid case, the more success you will have in receiving compensation.


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