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On-the-road collisions can be devastating, so if you have been hit by a large vehicle contact a bus accident attorney Georgia to learn your options.

Bus Accident Attorney Georgia


Due to the sheer mass, size, and weight of buses and motorcoaches, accidents that involve these vehicles often lead to major damage. Unfortunately, that damage can include physical injuries to you and your loved ones.

When someone is injured through an accident that was not their fault, they are often able to seek compensation with the help of a Tallapoosa GA bus accident attorney who practices personal injury law. If you have been the victim of a bus crash in western Georgia, contact the experienced and knowledgeable attorneys at Rego Law Firm to see if you should file a claim.


Tallapoosa GA Bus Accident Lawyer

If you need a bus accident lawyer, your injuries may be substantial. In the metro area of Atlanta, as well as in the nearby towns of Tallapoosa, Bremen, and Carrollton, traffic congestion has been on the rise, so many people opt to commute using public transportation.

Bus companies and their drivers are held to high standards since they are responsible for so many people’s safety. They receive proper training and are prohibited from driving while fatigued from working long hours.

However, even when bus companies have the right safety measures in place, accidents can and will happen and innocent passengers or nearby pedestrians can be killed or seriously injured.

School Bus Accident Attorney


In the tragic event of a school bus accident, find a school bus accident attorney who has successfully litigated bus accident cases before and has experience seeking justice for those who have been seriously injured or killed as a result of a preventable school bus accident

Receiving compensation for the accident can’t undo the injury or take back the trauma caused, especially if your child was involved. However, monetary damages are often the only recourse available in the legal system. Being compensated for your pain and suffering can ease the difficulty associated with recovering from an accident.


School Bus Accident Lawyer

A school bus accident lawyer will assess who might be liable for a crash. Buses are called “common carriers” and as such, under Georgia law, they must follow higher standards than other vehicles. This means they must exercise a higher level of care while driving.

Fatal Bus Accident


Aside from bus drivers, other parties who may be at-fault in a fatal bus accident are often:

  • Private bus companies. A privately-owned company can be liable if the driver is found to have caused an accident. If the driver negligently caused the accident, the private company/employer can be held responsible for his conduct. In circumstances like these, your attorney may pursue liability against the bus company for negligence in hiring, training, and retention.
  • The government. In Georgia, state and local governments can be sued for the negligent operation of vehicles, including buses. You must meet numerous requirements to file a lawsuit and recover money against a government entity.

Third parties. In rare circumstances, an investigation may reveal defective parts on the bus that caused injury. In other cases, another driver may have caused the accident. Since most vehicles are smaller than a bus, the drivers of the other vehicles may require a car accident, motorcycle accident, or truck accident attorney of their own.

How is Bus Accident Compensation Determined?


A bus accident attorney in Tallapoosa Georgia will be able to help you understand what amount of compensation you may be owed in your case. A number of factors are considered, including your medical bills, car repairs, cost of your pain and suffering, and lost wages if you have been unable to work.

The courts determine fair bus accident compensation, as well as who is liable for the damages. State and federal laws may determine who is responsible for the crash and what your recovery options are.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a bus accident, contact the Rego Law Firm for a free consultation today.

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