What Can a Bremen Personal Injury Attorney Do for You After an Accident?

No matter what type of injury you are facing, a Bremen personal injury lawyer of Rego Law Firm can help you obtain the compensation you deserve.

How Can a Bremen Personal Injury Attorney Help You?


If you have sustained physical injuries in an accident caused by someone else’s negligence or intentional act, you have the right to file a civil claim and pursue compensation. However, between dealing with your injuries, medical bills, missing work, and all of the stress caused by an accident, most people don’t know where to turn. This is where you need a personal injury lawyer to help.

In the aftermath of an accident, insurance companies do not make things any easier by pushing injured individuals to sign statements, convincing them that they don’t have a claim, or offering substantially low settlements for medical expenses.

An experienced Bremen personal injury lawyer can help accident victims file a personal injury lawsuit and get compensation for potential damages and losses that they have faced. According to personal injury law, potential damages can be of any type, including,

  • Your medical treatment expenses, including hospital bills, drug costs, and rehabilitation expenses, including doctor’s visit fees for now and future.
  • Compensation for the time you were unable to go to your job because of your injury.
  • Compensation for any severities, i.e., if you have to face some sort of disability due to which you can not work any longer.
  • Emotional distress or trauma &
  • All of your pain and suffering.

Let our Bremen personal injury lawyers take care of the insurance company and compensation of your losses while you focus on your recovery. The personal injury attorneys at Rego Law Firm can help you recover damages and obtain the compensation you deserve following a devastating accident. Give us a call to book a FREE consultation with an expert Bremen’s personal injury lawyer.

Common Types of Personal Injury Cases in Bremen, Georgia

In Bremen, accidents happen most of the time, but only a few get reported to the police. There are several reasons for it, but the most common is that the victim got hurt badly enough to be unable to deal with the process. However, many times, the cases are being reported and dealt with in a lawful manner.

Among several types of personal injury accidents, here are some of the most common.

1- Motor Vehicle Accident

Motor vehicle accidents, i.e., motorcycle, car, or truck accidents, are the most common ones. In such accidents, the patient is vulnerable to severe damage, and sometimes both parties suffer. Sometimes, these types of accidents are caused by the driver’s negligence or careless behaviors such as drunk driving or distracted driving.


2- Medical Malpractice

Medical Malpractice is the use of such practices which aren’t according to law or medical standards or when a healthcare provider fails to provide reasonably skilled care, and the patient is injured as a result. Such practices can lead the patient to death or disability. However, the plaintiff has to prove that the defendant’s breach of the duty of care was the cause of the plaintiff’s injuries.

3- Premises Liability

Premises liability is the occurrence of dangerous or defective accidents in someone else’s place. It includes dog bites as well as slip and falls. Property owners have to keep their property reasonably safe for use, and when they fail to uphold this duty and a visitor is injured on their property, they can file a claim. Also, personal injury victims of dog bites can hold a dog owner financially responsible for bites or other injuries their dog has inflicted on them.

4- Products Liability

Products liability is damage or injury caused by dangerous products at home, work, or other places. Improper handling of these products can bring misfortune and cause severe damage. The product owner must keep it safe and away from children’s and pets’ reach if it is dangerous.

Georgia civil law allows personal injury victims to seek compensation from an insurance company to cover their losses for medical expenses, lost earnings and other losses they may incur. Nevertheless, time is of the essence because this state has a strict time limit for filing a personal injury claim. That is why consulting Bremen GA personal injury attorneys as soon as possible is crucial.

What to Do Following a Car or Truck Accidents

Among the most common personal injury claims in Bremen, Georgia, are car accident claims. Auto accidents can be traumatic and may result in drivers forgetting what they should do because of the shock.

Even though those involved in a collision often feel overwhelmed following the crash, they must document as much as possible. Those involved in the collision should not move or touch anything, but they should take photographs of injuries and damages to the vehicles, as well as their positions—Take down the names and contact information of any witnesses.

Although you may not require an attorney if you are not severely injured, you should know that some injuries, such as brain damage, are not immediately apparent. Plus, if you have suffered severe injuries, the collision involved a tractor-trailer or commercial vehicle, there has been a wrongful death, or it is not obvious who was at fault, you must retain one.

 If you have got serious injuries, report the incident to police, keep a record of all evidence and contact a Bremen personal injury lawyer to help you with the legal process. At Rego – Georgia Personal Injury Law firm, we have experienced personal injury attorneys. So, give us a call for a free consultation and legal advice on your case.


How Do You Prove Negligence in a Personal Injury Claim?

In most cases, vehicular accidents are caused by another’s negligence. The injured party can sue the responsible party for damages that they have caused. But they must show:

  • Duty of care
  • A breach of duty
  • Cause of the injuries
  • Damages of the accident

In simple terms, a plaintiff has to prove that the responsible party had a duty to act with care. He or she has failed to keep the situation safe, and that caused the accident. Also, a plaintiff must prove that the accident caused tangible damages that cost money or prevent the injured person from working.

Not consulting with a personal injury lawyer immediately after a car accident in Tallapoosa, GA, and nearby cities can be a big mistake. Personal injury attorneys can make the process easier for you and help you get the fair compensation you need.

Common Types of Personal Injuries

In personal injury accidents, you are at risk of getting injuries. These injuries could be severe, hidden (brain damage or internal bleeding), or minor, that can be neglected. Here are some of the most common injuries.

1- Fractured Bones – Bone fractures are the most common. You can get your bone fractured in a motor vehicle and spill-and-fall cases.

2- Lacerations – Lacerations are simply bruises and cuts that can occur because of various potential sources.

3- Spinal Injury – It is the most painful injury that can even lead to different sorts of disabilities. Moreover, spinal injuries take too long to be recovered.

4- Severe Injuries – Severe injuries are brain injuries that can lead to coma or partial or complete paralysis.


How do Bremen personal injury attorneys calculate compensation claims?

Bremen personal injury attorneys use a comprehensive approach to calculate compensation claims. They consider various factors such as medical expenses, lost wages, property damage, and pain and suffering to arrive at an amount.

The attorney may also account for future medical costs and potential loss of earnings, especially in cases involving severe injuries or long-term disability. By gathering medical records, employment documentation, and other relevant evidence, they build a strong case to justify the compensation amount. This calculated figure serves as the basis for negotiations with insurance companies or, if necessary, for presenting the case in court.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Personal Injury Attorney?

Most personal injury lawyers will charge a contingency fee, meaning they will require a percentage of their client’s successful settlement. These percentages can vary by state, attorney, as well as type of case. Usually, personal injury lawyers take from one-third to 40% of the settlement amount. 

That is one of the questions you should ask your personal injury lawyer during an initial case consultation. Other questions you should inquire about include practice areas your lawyer specializes in, his or her previous experience with personal injury cases, how they handle matters with the insurance company, and if the lawyer will respect their client’s wishes if they disagree on accepting a settlement. 

With over 15 years of experience helping injured individuals in Georgia, personal injury lawyer Nicholas J. Rego of Rego Law Firm is a strong and dedicated counselor. He possesses all the qualities you should look for in a personal injury lawyer: respected by his peers, compassionate, and ready to help. In addition, a majority of his practice involves representing clients injured in motorcycle accidents, truck accidents, car accidents, and other accidents where victims have suffered serious injuries or death. Moreover, he is also experienced in dealing with medical malpractice cases where patients have to face difficulties due to the negligence of medical professionals.


A Bremen Personal Injury Law Firm Can Help Obtain Damages You Deserve

In some minor accident cases, you may be able to handle your case without an attorney successfully. On the other hand, personal injury cases, i.e., motorcycle accidents could include noneconomic damages such as pain and suffering, could be complex to prove. Unlike economic damages that include medical bills and lost wages, evidence for noneconomic damages can be hard to obtain. Legal representation could save you time and money.

Of the nearly three million people who sustain injuries due to a car accident, motorcycle, or truck collision, at least half live with irreversible long-term disabilities of some kind. These injuries hamper their capacity to function normally. Injuries can include neurological issues and even paralysis.

Most Georgia personal injury attorneys will fight to include compensation for as many of the following that you might be entitled to:

  • Current medical bills
  • Future medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Medical malpractice expenses
  • Mental suffering like anxiety and depression
  • Pain and suffering
  • Property damage
  • Reduced ability to earn future wages
  • Wrongful death

The more quickly your lawyer begins the process, the more likely you will receive favorable results and the more quickly you will obtain compensation from insurance companies.

Retain a Qualified Bremen Legal Advisor to Represent Your Case

Besides, the Georgia personal injury law sets a strict time limit. The statute of limitations for personal injury claims is two years from the date of the accident or the incident. An attorney can help you ensure you are filing and pursuing your case within the proper time limit and that you don’t miss out on compensation from the insurance company because of a technicality.

No matter what type of injury you are facing or how complex your case is, Rego Law Firm has the skills, resources, and determination to help you obtain the compensation from insurance companies you deserve to get your life back on track. Visit our office or call us so we can arrange a confidential and free consultation.


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